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TRU Medi-Peels


Receiving peels enhance the benefits of your daily skin care regime. Our Medi strength peels have reduced irritation and discomfort often associated with traditional chemical peels. Our Medi-Peels deliver   spectacular results & are best scheduled in an initial series. These Peels are gentle & effective, offering the fastest results.

Light Refresher Peel


This gentle, affordable 45 minute skin renewal procedure benefits most skin conditions. This is a great treatment that will increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen production and brighten your complexion. With no “down time”.


Medium-Depth Transitional Peel


This peel is ideal for skin rejuvenation. If you have moderate wrinkling, sun damage, pigment changes, you will achieve noticeable results in the look and feel of your skin. You may have moderate sloughing for several days post peel.


Deep Dermal Medi-Peel


Our most effective age management peel is a much deeper peel than a     superficial peel that just causes the skin to lightly flake. It is used to dramatically improve texture and tone of the skin. Our Medi-Peel will stimulate your skin to produce new healthy collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layer of your skin, leaving your skin softer, smoother with more elasticity & younger looking. Significant skin sloughing 5-10 days post peel.


Herbal / Marine Peel

$100 & up

An intense peel for the face or body that delivers results for non-sensitive types. Derived from marine based ingredients, this peel purifies, exfoliates, firms & softens the skin. This chemical free treatment is suitable for those who are pregnant or lactating and experiencing hormonal skin problems.


Vascular Blemish Treatment

Starting at $45 (priced with consultation)

Safe & effective removal of broken capillaries, spider veins, skin tags, & blood spots. Using direct & high frequency currents to vaso-coagulate the blood flow from vascular blemishes causing them to disappear permanently.


We can create a “Customized Series Package” to include Rejuvenating Treatments & Peels that will provide you with substantial savings!

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