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At TRU Skin Therapy

acne clinic, you'll get:

A Personal Skin Care Coach  - You no longer have to deal with your acne alone. Your treatment at the Acne Clinic will be guided by a  Licensed Medical Esthetician and acne expert. Through the process, we will educate you on acne, actively monitor your progress and tweak your  product & treatment regime based on your skins’ response.


Customized, Cutting-edge Acne Treatments  - Based on your skins’ progress, your acne treatments will be customized for you every visit. The types of treatments you may receive include: deep pore cleansing acne facials w/extractions, ultrasonic exfoliation, LED phototherapy, mild chemical peels, enzymatic / hydrating masks, and ozone therapy.

Medical Strength Skin Care - Along with your treatments, we will recommend a skin care regime based on your specific acne and skin type. At TRU Skin Therapy, we use an affordable medical skincare line utilizing a combination of cutting edge ingredients that has a perfect balance between science & nature. Your skin will benefit from the full concentration of their active ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants. The effects of using good skincare is cumulative, but need not break the bank.


A Clear Skin Diet Plan - Whether you realize it or not, your diet does have an affect on your skin. As part of our holistic approach, our skin experts will educate you on what foods may be aggravating your acne and devise a clear skin diet to help control your acne from the inside out.


On-Call Support - We care about each and every client and are always available to answer your questions. You can email us anytime at and receive a response from us by phone or email within 24 hours.

In-Depth Consultation and Skin Analysis - $60

The process will begin with a 45-minute consultation and skin care analysis. We will look at what skin care products you are currently using and make product recommendations based on your skin condition. In addition, we will discus your diet and lifestyle habits that will need to be altered in order to achieve “clear” results. After two weeks on your new skin care and diet / lifestyle changes, we will start your acne treatments.



Specialized Acne Treatments

Basic - $80      Advanced - $110      Maximal Therapeutic  - $140


In these treatments we utilize the most progressive protocols,technologies & medical grade products. Each treatment involves a customized protocol which may include:

Deep Pore Cleansing

Enzymatic Exfoliation 

Clearing of Clogged Pores

Acai Lactic Peel

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

LED Light Therapy

High Performance Peptide Peel


Extractions can be received as a “solo” procedure:

Extractions can be received as a “solo” procedure:

(a) For emergency breakouts between regularly-scheduled treatments.

(b) For new clients to boost the initial clearing and healing process.


Minimal Extractions - $30* (1 to 15 lesions)

Maximal Extractions- $40* (16 + lesions)

You will also receive a calming mask & ozone therapy


Post-Procedure Extraction / Ozone Therapy (1 to 5 lesions) - N/C

(If you have received a facial or peeling treatment  within 10 days prior)


*Available between regularly scheduled treatments, if using active skin care products faithfully.

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